Since my roots are Goan and I am a vegetarian by choice, have decided to share a traditional Goan vegetarian breakfast recipe. It is an all time favourite in my family. Though I have mastered the art of making Tandlyachi Bhakri, I have still not managed to reach the same level as my mom, who makes the yummiest Tandlyachi Bhakri and her bhakri has always been a favourite with my friends. Though the name sounds very boring, it is one of the yummiest breakfast items and you should give it a try. Since all the masala is added in the bhakri it has to be had stand alone with a steaming cup of tea

Level Medium


3 cups Rice flour

1 1/2 cup chopped onions

3-4 chopped green chillies

1 cup freshly grated coconut

mustard seeds





  1. In a wide bowl, take rice flour, salt, onion, green chillies and fresly grated coconut.
  2. Mix well. Add water and knead it well. It should neither be very hard nor loose.
  3. Meanwhile heat a tava.
  4. Pour half table spoon of oil and add a tsp of mustard seeds
  5. Once it splutters, take a ball of the kneaded ata and place it on tava.
  6. Press it from all sides so as to form a medium thickness roti.
  7. For those not comfortable with doing it on hot tava, you can take a plastic, smear some water on it and press the aata on it. Once you achieve the desired thickness, then place it on the tava gently.
  8. Once it gets golden brown, you can flip the side and drizzle some more oil on all sides.
  9. Remove it from the tava and serve hot with tea