Tandoori chicken to make a wrap, roll or frankie
Tandoori chicken for frankie

In one of my previous post, I had posted a recipe on tandoori chicken -restaurant style. I had some left over tandoori chicken from that recipe, hence I decided to make tandoori chicken frankie or wrap out of it. I had used chicken with bones in my recipe, hence had to shred it for my frankie. But it is advisable to use boneless chicken for a frankie or roll or wrap.

Also, I used whole wheat chapatis, you can use anything that is available in your pantry- chapati , parantha, tortilla or wrap

Level Easy


Boneless Tandoori chicken (recipe here)

Whole wheat chapatis or Tortillas or Paranthas

2  onions cut length wise

Cabbage cut length wise

Juice of 1 lemon

Chaat masala


  1. In a bowl, mix cabbage, onions, lemon juice amd chaat masala
  2. Take a chapati and place the above mixture
  3. Add the boneless tandoori chicken pieces. If the tandoori chicken is with bones, shred it and remove the bones.
  4. Wrap the roll and serve with mint chutney.