The other day, when we were travelling, we stopped by at a restaurant for breakfast.  We did not have many options where beakfast menu was concerned. Upma and sheera were out of question, as we are too spoilt to have these at a restaurant… Sandwiches again would mean white bread and paranthas would have been a risk as not everyone can make them well…so it would have to be the standard, idli, dosa, meduwada or uttapa. We have had all kinds of uttapams, as we love South Indian food, but this particular option was different to what we have had so far. My son is not much of a capsicum person, so this dish caught my fancy. If it worked, I would have another option of adding capsicum in our diet. And  I knew the sandwich form of it tastes yummy but I avoid it as I dont bake breads often, especially not the whole wheat ones.

Capsicum, also called as Bell Pepper , Bhopali mirchi in Marathi and Simla mirchi in Hindi is as very good source of Vitamin C. It is said that the vitamin C of Bell Pepper is much more than that of an orange! It is also said to be a good source of vitamin B6. I happened to read somewhere that Bell Pepper and tomatoes should never be stored in a refrigerator as it reduces the nutritional content. Hence, if I am consuming Bell Pepper in a day or two of purchase, I do store it out or else it goes in the refrigerator. I am lucky to have a vegetable vendor right outside our building, and he gets fresh vegetables every day. Hence it is mostly consumed in a day or two. Tomatoes do tend to spoil in our climate, hence, I keep them out only for a day.

So, I did try this recipe and it was a hit! Here goes my version…

Level Easy


1 kg Dosa  or Idli batter

2 Bell Pepper finely chopped

1/2 cup Fresh Coriander finely chopped

2 cups Grated cheese

2 green chillies finely chopped

Salt as needed



  1. Take dosa batter in a bowl. Add chopped capsicum, chopped coriander, chopped geen chillies, salt and mix well.
  2. Heat a non stick pan or a cast iron skillet.
  3. Season it with oil and pour 2 -3 ladles of the above batter. Spread it lightly.
  4. Utthapa needs to be thicker than the dosa. Cover it and let it cook for few minutes.
  5. When the lower side becomes red, flip sides.
  6. Add grated cheese on the top and let it cook further for few minutes. The cheese will melt as well and the lower side will turn red.
  7. Get it off the skillet.
  8. We had it stand alone as it was quite yummy, but it can be served with traditional coconut chutney and sambar.