While I was working at an agency in Worli, Mumbai, I used to frequent a sandwich seller outside our office who used to sell a variety of sandwiches. My colleagues and I used to regulary have a sandwich called ‘chilly cheese toast’ from him. I used to love this toast. It was made of capsicum/bell pepper/simla mirchi/ bhopala mirchi and onions and was loaded with cheese. After I quit that job I never got to eat the same sandwich again. Whenever I ordered for chilly cheese toast, I used to get a sandwich made of cheese and green or red chillies which I never liked. So I started making these sandwiches at home.

I still call these sandwiches chilly cheese toast, due to force of habit 🙂

This is not only a yummy breakfast/snack option, but also nutritious and a complete meal, as it provides us with vitamins, proteins and fibre if you choose a whole grain bread. I have used a home made 100% whole wheat bread. I have toasted it on a skillet, as I dont like to use non stick grill for health reasons, but for those who have no qualms about using non stick griller, can grill it as it is more convenient and less time consuming…

Level Easy


6 whole wheat/whole grain bread slices

1/2 cup chopped onions

1/2 cup chopped bell pepper/capsicum/simla mirchi

1 cup grated cheese


1-2 tsp black pepper powder/ crushed black pepper



  1. In a bowl, mix chopped onion, bell pepper, cheese, crushed black pepper and a bit of salt. Please go easy on salt as cheese already has a considerable amount.
  2. Take a slice of bread. Place the above mixture.Cover with another slice
  3. Toast it in a toaster or griller or pan after greasing it with butter.
  4. Serve hot with ketchup.

Tip: Please add salt only when you are ready to grill or toast it or else it will ooze out water.