Making mawa at home is very easy. You just require one ingredient and that is milk. Mawa can be made while simultaneously doing  other activities. I really wonder why it took me a long time to make mawa and paneer at home. With the quality of both these items deteriorating by the day, I usually don’t buy any mawa sweets from out. Offlate, I have started making paneer also at home. So whenever my husband is travelling and I have extra milk, I tend to make either paneer or mawa.

My first recipe with home made mawa was a mawa cake, which turned out to be very delicious. That got me hooked on to making mawa at home.  Lots of Indian sweets have mawa as its main ingredient. It is used in gajar halwa, dudhi halwa, gujiya, gulab jamuns, pedas. It is also used in cooking veg dishes like khoya mutter, khoya mutter paneer, paneer chop masala. Now that fresh juicy carrots have started coming to the market, am hoping to make gajar ka halwa with this mawa for the best Dad in the world, ‘my Dad’ 🙂

Level Easy


1 litre full fat milk


  1. Heat a non stick pan or wok. Add the milk and allow it to boil.
  2. Once it starts boiling, reduce the flame to low. Keep stirring in between when the milk froths, and scrape the milk from the sides of the vessel.
  3. The milk will keep on thickening. It will reach a stage when it will resemble rabri. If you add  sugar and dry fruits at this stage you will get rabri, another Indian dessert
  4. For mawa, you need to let it thicken further. At this stage you will have to stir continuously or else the mawa may get burnt.
  5. When all the moisture has evaporated and you don’t see any bubbles, switch off the flame.
  6. Let it cool and then use it either immediately or refrigerate till further use.