There are times when we make certain things very big and difficult in our mind. When we actually try it, we realise we were unnecessarily getting worked up about it. This is one such recipe which I always thought I would never be able to make it, hence never even attempted. Today after making it on the occassion of Makar Sankranti and trying it out, I realised it is quite a simple recipe to make.

In Maharashtra, specific sweets are made for specific festivals, like Puran poli during Holi, Narali bhaat during Narali Purnima, Modak during Ganesh Chaturthi and so on. Makar Sankranti is associated with these Til laddoos. Makar Sankranti is celebrated in winter in India. These laddooss not only provide warmth to the body, but also nutrients. Sesame seeds are a good source of calcium and jaggery, a good source of iron. Very little ghee is required while making. We also add coarsely ground peanut and daliya, which provides protein.

Wishing all a very Happy Makar Sankrant, ‘Til Gul Ghya, God God Bola’, Enjoy!

Level Easy


2 tsp ghee

250 gms polished sesame seeds

250 gm chikki gud ( jaggery)

1/2 cup daliya

1/2 cup peanut


  1. Roast sesame seeds on low flame, till fragrant and changes colour slightly. Keep it aside.
  2. In the same pan, roast daliya till it changes colour slightly and keep aside.
  3. Roast peanuts and peel and discard the skin. Coarsely grind it and keep it ready.
  4. In the same pan heat ghee. Add the jaggery and let it melt on a low flame.
  5. Keep on stirring till the jaggery has melted completely, and switch off the flame.
  6. Add sesame seeds, ground peanut and daliya and mix well and fast.
  7. Grease your palms with ghee take a spoonful of the mixture and roll it very lightly. Do not press hard. These are small and round laddoos.
  8. Making of the laddoos should be done immediately after switching off the flame before it cools, or else the mixture will harden and one will not be able to roll the laddoos.
  9. Incase if the mixture sticks at the bottom of the pan and cannot be removed, lightly heat it again so that the jaggery melts and you are able to take the mixture and roll it to form laddoos.
  10. As we are just heating the jaggery to melt it, but not boiling it, the mixture will be bearble to roll, but incase if it is too hot, just wait for a few minutes, but not too long.