This is a favourite in all Mahrashtrian households, and is served as an accompaniment. It is usually had with batata wada, pakoras or bhakris. As a kid, I used to also have it whith chapati or make a sandwich out of it. Its a very simple and quick recipe.

Level Easy


1/2 grated dry coconut

1 tbsp sesame seeds

20-25 garlic cloves

4-5 dry red chillies  (can be adjusted as per the level of spiciness required)


Salt to taste


  1. In a pan take a tsp of oil and roast the garlic till red. Take it off the pan and let it cool.
  2. Dry roast the grated dry coconut very lightly till red in colour. Do it on a low flame with continuous stirrng, as it can burn. This will not take long. Allow it to cool.
  3. Then dry roast the sesame seeds on a low flame till it changes colour to red and let it cool.
  4. In a grinder add all the cooled roasted ingredients, salt and dry red chillies.
  5. Grind to a coarse or fine powder as per individual taste.
  6. Store in an airtight conainer.