Puran Poli made with maida

We will be celebrating Holi tomorrow and Holi is synonymous with Puran Poli in any Mahrashtrian household. A Maharashtrian, not loving Puran poli, is unheard of. Before marriage, I have gorged on Puranpolis day in and day out as my Mom used to make it very often for me. Post marriage, I started missing my Moms Polis and the cooks used to refuse to make them as it did take a lot of effort and time and their excuse was they had to work at multiple places. The store bought Puran Polis are not even half as yummy, so I was left with no other choice but to learn how to make them. Making Puran Polis does take a lot of effort and expertise which gets developed only over tryng it multiple times. The key is to have a lot of patience and not give up 🙂

I know of two versions of making Puran poli, one in which the dough is made with only refined flour, my Moms method, and the other in which the dough is made of refined flour, semolina, and whole wheat flour. I prefer my mils version as it is healthier but where taste is concerned both are equally good. The stuffing is the same in both versions, i.e. chana dal and jaggery. So looking forward to gorging on these puran polis for breakfast lunch and dinner tomorrow 🙂

Level Hard


For Puran

1/2 kg chana dal ( rinsed and soaked for a couple of hours)

1/2 kg jaggery ( grated or cut into small pieces or shaved)

1 tsp nutmeg powder ( jayphal)

1 tsp cardamom powder ( elaichi)

For the Aata

1 cup maida

1/2 cup semolina ( rava , soak it in same quantity if water for an hour)

1/2 cup whole wheat flour



Ghee for Puran polis

Rice flour for rolling


For puran

  1. Take the chana dal which was previously soaked, add more water if required and keep it on stove top.
  2. When the water starts boiling , white froth will appear. That has to be continuously removed.
  3. If the water quantity reduces before the dal gets properly cooked, add more hot water.
  4. Take a grain of dal and press between your fingers. It should be easily crushed, then your dal is cooked.
  5. Drain all the excess water well. You can use it while cooking food or it can be used for making’katachi aamti’
  6. Again place the dal on the stove top. Add grated jaggery. The jaggery will melt, keep on stirring.
  7. Eventually the mixture will start drying up.
  8. Add nutmeg powder and cardamom powder , mix well and swich off the flame. To check if your mixture has dried enough one can place the spoon in the mixture. If it stands, then it is ready.
  9. Allow it cool. Mince it in a grinder or food processor. Make it into round balls and keep ready

For the dough

  1. Take all the ingredients for the dough, except oil and knead by adding water. Once kneading is done, add some oil and knead further. Cover it with moist cloth and Allow it to rest for 30 minutes.
  2. When ready to make puran polis, make small balls of the dough.

Puran Polis

  1. Pat it with your hand and stuff the dal mixture and close the edges, the way one stuffs a parantha.
  2. Roll it into a circular disc with very light hands so that the stuffing is evenly spread.
  3. Place it on hot tava and roast both sides till red spots appear on them.
  4. Grease with ghee.
  5. Serve hot with tea, milk or katatachi aamti.