Naivedya offered to God is made without garlic, ginger and onion. On the occassion of Gudi Padwa, Maharashtrian New Year (certain other communities too celebrate New Year on this day like Ugadi), apart from raising a Gudi ( hoisting flag which is the Brahma Dhvaj) food is offered to God without certain ingredients which are supposed to be ‘ tamasik’ in nature as they tend to bring out the negative characteristics of an individual to the fore. So here is a simple and quick ‘ saatvik’ platter made in our house on most of the festival days. The only variant would be the kind of dessert as that varies as per festivals. There are many other saatvik dishes made like kala vatana saambhar or some other gravy based veggies but I stick to this platter which I inherited from my Mom who makes it regularly on the occassion of festivals. Traditionally, a naivedya platter would comprise of atleast 12 items if not more, but I prefer this simple and quick one.It consists of Puris, Shrikhand ( as a sweet offering), simple potato veggie, varan( dal), bhaat (rice) topped with desi ghee… It is simple, easy, and delicious, and we look forward to having this simple saatvik food.