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Hi, I am a not so perfect mom, whose quest is to become the perfect mother. I am fanatic about everything that touches my family’s life… Being a fanatic Mom, I started seeking perfection in everything, be it cleanliness (cleanliness is in my genes, my maternal grandmother was a cleanliness freak too…so thats my excuse when i drive my spouse and child crazy 😉 besides, ofcourse, the fact that I am a microbiology graduate), eating habits, disciplining… I had to learn the ropes first, especially where cooking was concerned, since I had never entered the kitchen before my child was born.

So when my child refused to eat certain veggies, I had to devise ways to make sure he ate those veggies too. That’s when I started using my creativity as well as checking for recipes online. Also, being inherently lazy helped. In the Indian subcontinent, we are used to eating roti, dal, chawal. Now making all this is not cumbersome for a seasoned cook, but for a lazy, yet striving to be perfect, mom like me, who was not used to spending time in kitchen at all, it did become difficult. Hence I started combining veggies with legumes /lentils/non-veg, so i didn’t have to cook four things and made sure that my family gets their daily dose of vitamins and proteins in one pot…

You will come across recipes on this blog, some which are traditional, some inspired from other websites and some which have been created by me. Irrespective of the type of recipe, one thing I assure you that you will not come across any recipe which is difficult. Also, all these recipes have been tried by me and i would like to end this by saying, if I can cook, anyone can 🙂

Happy cooking!